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What are Toll Devices and How Do They Work?
What are Toll Devices and How Do They Work?
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Toll is a fee designed to cover the costs of building and maintaining the roads and highways we use for our journeys.

Some rental companies offer the convenience of including a toll device in the rented vehicle. It's a tag that is affixed to the car's windshield and is read by a sensor at toll booths, helping the user avoid lines and make payments quickly and conveniently without leaving the car.

You can request the inclusion of this optional feature directly at the rental counter, subject to availability and service fees.

Does Your Trip Include Roads with Toll Booths?

If so, it's crucial to mention this information when picking up the vehicle at the rental agency. Otherwise, you may be subject to fines and charges.

Additionally, keep in mind that toll regulations and fees may vary from region to region.

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