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What are Shuttle/Transfer and Meet & Greet services?
What are Shuttle/Transfer and Meet & Greet services?
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Shuttle/Transfer and Meet & Greet services are provided by rental car companies with service points at airports. They're designed to make your journey from the airport to the rental car pickup spot more convenient, where the process of opening the rental agreement will take place.

What is the difference between Shuttle and Meet & Greet?

  • Shuttle (or Transfer): This service includes transportation from the airport to the vehicle pickup location, typically carried out by vans branded with the rental company's logo;

  • Meet & Greet: In this scenario, a representative from the rental company will be waiting for your arrival at the airport, holding a sign with your name, ensuring a personalized and convenient reception.

How can I verify if my reservation includes one of these services?

To confirm if your reservation includes one of these services, simply check the search screen before selecting the vehicle. If included, it will be detailed alongside other reservation characteristics.

Where can I find information about these services after the reservation confirmation?

You can also find detailed information about Shuttle (or Transfer) and Meet & Greet services in your reservation voucher, under the "Pickup Instructions" section.

Important Tip:

We recommend providing your flight number and a valid phone number to the rental company whenever possible. This allows for contact in unforeseen situations or delays, ensuring a smooth and efficient pickup process.

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