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Rentcars Booking Confirmation: What is it and what is included in the Voucher?
Rentcars Booking Confirmation: What is it and what is included in the Voucher?

Learn more about the Rentcars confirmation document

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The voucher serves as the confirmation document for the Rentcars booking and must be presented at the rental agency upon vehicle pickup.

It contains instructions regarding rental requirements, the rental agency's location, and contact information for the store responsible for the booking in case of unforeseen circumstances or delays.

The voucher includes the following information, which must match the reservation details with the rental agency precisely:

  • Booking Codes:

    • At the top of the voucher, you will find reservation codes, consisting of a random combination of letters and numbers to facilitate later retrieval.

      • On the left is the confirmation code from the rental agency, which may be requested upon arrival at the counter;

      • On the right is the Rentcars request code, which you can use when contacting our agents to locate your reservation easily.

  • Renter Information:

    • This section includes the name of the reservation holder, the amount paid or pending for the reservation, and information about security deposits and deductibles.

  • Pickup / Return:

    • All details of your itinerary, including location, date, and time, are listed here;

    • You will also find information about the responsible rental agency and its contact number.

  • Pickup and Return Instructions:

    • This section provides important information such as the complete address, landmarks, instructions to find the shuttle/meet and greet (if included in your reservation), and specific policies of the selected rental agency.

  • Your Reservation:

    • This section presents all configurations of the selected vehicle group;

    • Additionally, any added extras, such as child seats, additional drivers, Rental Cover, etc., will be displayed here.

  • Protections:

    • All contracted protections are listed in this section, including information about coverage items and usage details.

  • Contact Us:

    • Here, you will find some of our contact channels to assist you in case of doubts, along with our operating hours.

  • Key Items Required at the Service Counter:

    • This section lists all mandatory documents that you need to present at the counter, such as a driver's license, passport, credit card, among others.

Where can I find my booking confirmation voucher?

You will receive the voucher by email shortly after the booking is issued! Please ensure that the email registered in the booking is correct, without any typing errors.

You can also find your voucher in your account: simply access the 'My Account' tab and select 'My Reservations'. After selecting the correct reservation, click 'Download Voucher' from the left sidebar.


  • The voucher will be sent in a confirmation email with general guidelines for a smoother experience. It will be sent to the address used during booking issuance;

  • Check your Spam, Offers, and Junk Mail folders if you don't find it in your inbox;

  • We recommend that you present the printed voucher, as it will be at the discretion of the rental agency whether to accept the document displayed on your cell phone screen or only the confirmation code.

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