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What are Snow Tires? How do they work?
What are Snow Tires? How do they work?
Updated over a week ago

Snow tires, also known as winter tires, not only provide advantages during snow driving but also in general winter conditions such as rain, wet roads, ice, very dry terrains, and temperatures below 7ºC. This temperature range can harden the rubber of conventional tires, resulting in inadequate grip on the road.

The availability of snow tires can vary among rental companies due to different weather conditions in each country. In some locations, the cost of snow tires may be included in the rental fees, while in other places, they may be offered as an additional option.

In certain situations, snow chains may also be provided, used in conjunction with conventional tires to improve traction in intense snow conditions.

Planning to travel to a snowy region?

In certain regions, the use of snow tires is mandatory, especially in areas with severe winters. In these circumstances, some rental companies offer vehicles equipped with snow tires and require their use. If this happens to you, understand that it's a safety measure.

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