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How do the protections work?
How do the protections work?
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When it comes to renting a vehicle, rental companies offer a range of protections to ensure your peace of mind in all situations.

These protections cover everything from the vehicle to your safety and that of third parties in case of incidents. Detailed information about the protections you choose will be available on your reservation voucher. Here are the main options available:

LDW (Loss Damage Waiver): This protection covers the vehicle against theft, robbery, damages, and breakages resulting from collisions and accidents;

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver): Provides coverage for the vehicle in situations of damages and breakages caused by collisions or accidents;

ALI (Additional Liability Insurance): Protects against material and personal damages caused to third parties due to accidents with the rented vehicle;

PAI (Personal Accident Insurance): This protection is aimed at the occupants of the rented vehicle, covering medical expenses and possible rescues in case of collisions.

The names and acronyms of these protections may vary from one rental company to another. Some examples include EP (Extended Protection), LP (Liability Protection), SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance), and TPL (Third Part Liability).

What should I do in case of an incident?

Follow these steps:

  1. Open a Police Report;

  2. Contact the rental company and follow their instructions;

  3. Trust the rental company's assistance to obtain the necessary support during the process.

Remember: In some cases, protections may not cover the accident if it is reported after 24 hours. Additionally, reckless driving and speeding are not covered by any protection.

Additional Information

  • You can purchase additional protections on the Rentcars website or directly at the rental counter, according to your preference. Mandatory protections are already included in your reservation;

  • In international travels, be aware that different destinations may require specific protections. For example, in Mexico, the mandatory protection is only against third parties;

  • If you want more protections and ensure a safe trip, check out our article on RentalCover!

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