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What is RentalCover?
Updated over a week ago

RentalCover is a partner of Rentcars that offers additional protections to make car rentals even safer.

How does it work?

RentalCover protection is optional and can be added up to 4 hours before vehicle pickup. If any unexpected event or accident occurs, the person responsible for the repair costs with the rental company will be the reservation holder, meaning the renter.

But don't worry! You can request reimbursement for the expenses through the RentalCover portal. It is essential to provide all receipts related to the accident when claiming reimbursement from RentalCover.

Remember: RentalCover inclusion is available only for bookings made with online payment. In case of protection cancellation, reservation cancellation, or if you fail to appear within the specified timeframes, retention fees may apply.

Should I call RentalCover in case of accidents?

It is not necessary. The best approach is to contact the phone number provided by the rental company or any travel assistance provider of your preference. To receive reimbursement, simply keep all receipts and submit the claim at


Don't forget to read the complete policy of the protection when making the contract. In it, you will find all the details about the items covered by the selected plan, providing more security and transparency in the conditions agreed upon by both parties.

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