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What does 'coparticipation' or 'deductible' mean in car rentals?
What does 'coparticipation' or 'deductible' mean in car rentals?
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During the process of booking a vehicle, you may come across the terms 'coparticipation' and 'deductible.' These concepts refer to the amount you will be responsible for paying if it becomes necessary to activate the rental protection due to damage to the rented vehicle.

Limits of Coparticipation or Deductible

It is essential to be aware that the limits of coparticipation or deductible may vary depending on the rental company, the type of protection you choose, and the category of the vehicle. In short, these are specific amounts that should be confirmed directly with the rental company at the time of vehicle pickup.

Read the rental agreement

Be sure to check and confirm all this information, as well as read the rental agreement provided by the rental company when picking up the vehicle. This step is crucial to avoid unpleasant surprises and additional charges in the future.

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