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What happens if I’m late returning the vehicle?
What happens if I’m late returning the vehicle?
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In situations where the return of the rented car is subject to delays, it is crucial to understand the policies and procedures adopted by the rental agencies.

How are late returns charged?

In cases of delayed return, rental agencies apply various policies for additional charges. These fees can vary, ranging from a proportional amount for the extra hours to the equivalent of a full day.

What to do in case of the need for an extension?

If you need more time with the vehicle, it is essential to notify the rental agency immediately. Lack of communication can result in a request for vehicle search and seizure, as well as additional costs.

Pay attention to the rental agreement

  • Charges due to delays will be calculated according to the rates established by the rental agency, not Rentcars';

  • Therefore, always carefully check the rental agreement provided by the agency at the time of vehicle pickup.

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