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What happens if I'm late to pick up the car?
What happens if I'm late to pick up the car?

Check the details on what to do if you're late to pick up the vehicle at the rental location.

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We understand that delays can happen. With this in mind, rental companies have grace periods for these situations.

  • The grace period for being late is 29 minutes.

What are the policies regarding delays in picking up the rental car?

  • If the vehicle pick-up is scheduled for times close to the store's closing time, rental companies do not guarantee this grace period for delays.

  • For delays that exceed the grace period, the rental company may consider it a no-show and apply charges based on their own no-show policies.

I'm going to be late. Now what?

Before the pick-up date and time

If you realize in advance that you will be late, you can request a change of date/time on our website or app. Check out this article where we discuss more about how to change your reservation.

After the pick-up date and time

If you find that you will be late beyond the grace period, don't worry! We can help you. Just contact us via online chat or through the phone numbers listed on your confirmation voucher, and we will assist you as best as possible with a new quote.

In case of delays caused by airlines, try to contact the responsible store for your reservation immediately: the number can be found on the Rentcars confirmation voucher, sent to the email used to make the reservation.


In both situations, if you need to proceed with a change of date/time and location or a new quote, keep in mind that rates are variable and may result in a decrease or increase in price due to price fluctuations.

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