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What is NOT included in the rental rate?
What is NOT included in the rental rate?
Updated over a week ago

When making a reservation through Rentcars, some services are not automatically included. These services are optional and may include:

  1. Additional services such as baby seats, young driver fees, booster seats for children, among others;

  2. Toll fees;

  3. Extra insurances;

  4. Cleaning fee.

Some rental companies may require payment of the cleaning fee regardless of the vehicle's condition upon return. Please read the contract carefully and review all information to avoid unwanted charges.

It's important to note that the fees paid during the reservation through Rentcars are comprehensive. This means that if you make the payment online, you won't need to hire any additional services at the rental counter.

However, depending on the rental company's policy, you may still be able to hire some optional services directly at the counter, provided the item is available and you are aware of the corresponding fee. This applies to baby seats and booster seats, for example.

Therefore, when booking a vehicle, pay attention to this information to ensure a smooth rental experience without unpleasant financial surprises.

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