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Can I rent a baby car seat or child booster seat?
Can I rent a baby car seat or child booster seat?
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Rental companies offer the convenience and safety of renting baby car seats and/or child booster seats at some of our destinations during your rental period. Additional fees apply for this service.

How to Request

1 - Start your booking on the Rentcars website or app and select the desired car category;

2 - On the booking setup page, you will find the section "Add extras to your booking";

3 - There you can add baby car seats, booster seats, and other extras, such as reservation protection.

If you didn't find the option to add these items to your rental at the time of booking, don't worry. You can check the availability and rates directly at the rental counter when picking up your vehicle.


Baby car seats and booster seats are limited stock items. Therefore, availability at the time of pickup may vary, and the rental company may or may not fulfill your request depending on availability.

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