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What are the payment methods?
What are the payment methods?
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When you rent a car through Rentcars, we have various payment options available: online payment, partial payment, and payment upon arrival.

Online Payment

With this option, when available, you can pay the total amount online, in your preferred currency, directly on the Rentcars website. Online payment typically results in a more economical amount compared to partial or on-arrival payments, making it the most advantageous choice.

Credit Card / Digital Wallet (PayPal) Payment

The card used must follow these conditions:

  • Own ownership;

  • Enabled for use abroad (for rentals outside your country of residence);

  • Within the expiration date;

  • Issued by a banking institution;

  • With an available limit for security deposit.


Online payment does not change the rental rule requiring the presentation of the physical credit card at the time of pickup.

Which credit card brands are accepted for online payment?

Rentcars works with the following credit card brands:

  • Visa

  • MasterCard

  • DinersClub

  • Elo

  • American Express / AMEX

Payment on Arrival

In this option, when available, you pay the total rental amount directly at the rental counter, in the local currency. It is important to note that most rental companies do not accept cash or debit cards, only credit cards. In Mexico, there are rental agencies that accept debit cards for payment and deposit, so if that's the case, please check the possibility with the rental agency.

Partial Payment

With this method, when available, you make an online payment covering part of the total daily rate. The remaining amount will be paid when picking up the vehicle, in the local currency, according to the rental company's conditions. In case of extra fees or if you want to add any optional services, it may be necessary to make the payment at the time of pickup.

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