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What Do the Rentcars Reservation Statuses Mean?
What Do the Rentcars Reservation Statuses Mean?

Understand what the statuses of your reservation mean and how they are presented.

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When you make a reservation or update an existing one with Rentcars, you may encounter various statuses indicating the current stage of your request.

What are the Rentcars Reservation Statuses?


When your reservation status is “confirmed,” rest assured! You have successfully made or modified your reservation, and now just wait for the pick-up day!

Don't forget to check your confirmation email and reservation voucher.


The “canceled” status indicates that your reservation has been successfully canceled! In case of refunds, check out this article where we discuss refunds in case of cancellations. This status also appears in cases of unused reservations and no-shows.

Waiting for Confirmation

This means that your reservation is being processed by the rental company, and you will be notified via email about the status of your request shortly, with instructions for payment (if the payment option is “Pay Now”) and completion of the reservation.

Waiting for Payment

The “pending payment” status indicates that the payment for a reservation made with the “pay now” option is still pending. Once the transaction is confirmed, the status will be updated to “confirmed.”

Waiting for Change / Waiting for Cancellation

This status means that your modification request is under review by our team, and it may take up to 5 business days to be processed. The priority of reviews is determined by the pick-up date of the reservations.

Remember: If your reservation is within 24 hours or less of the pick-up time, please contact us via online chat.

Once the modification is completed, the status will be updated to either “confirmed” or “cancelled.”

Waiting for Rental Company

This status indicates that, as the pick-up date and time approach, the final steps of your reservation are the responsibility of the rental company.

After confirming whether the reservation was utilized, the status on our site will be updated to “completed” or “cancelled.”


The “completed” status indicates that your reservation has been successfully used and concluded! At this point, the responsible rental company has informed us about the use of the reservation, and we can then confirm its completion.

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