How does the fuel policy work?
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During both the pickup and return of the vehicle, it is a requirement that the tank is completely full.

If the car is not returned in accordance with the criteria outlined in the contract, refueling charges will apply based on the rental company's pricing, which is available at the service counter and will be deducted from the security deposit.

What happens if I return the car with more fuel than when I collected it?

If you choose to perform a full refueling but initially picked up the vehicle with a partially filled tank, please retain all necessary receipts.

These documents are crucial, particularly when refueling is carried out at locations far from the store, as they serve to confirm the mileage.

Remember: reimbursement of any amount is not guaranteed by the rental companies.


  • Thoroughly review the entire contents of the rental agreement before signing it;

  • If you opt for a service package that includes the "Full Tank" option on our website or at the counter, it will not be necessary to return the vehicle with a refueled tank to the rental company. However, the remaining fuel will not be refunded.

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