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What is "Pico y Placa" in Colombia?
What is "Pico y Placa" in Colombia?
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"Pico y Placa" is a common rotation system in Colombia that restricts the circulation of vehicles based on the final numbers of their license plates.

This measure aims to reduce traffic congestion during peak hours and contribute to environmental preservation.

How does the "Pico y Placa" rotation work?

Each day of the week, depending on the locality, a specific set of final license plate numbers is determined that cannot circulate on certain streets and at certain times.

Generally, "Pico y Placa" is enforced from Monday to Friday, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Remember: the rules of "Pico y Placa" vary from city to city and may change.

Which regions adopt "Pico y Placa"?

In 2024, the following regions in Colombia adhere to "Pico y Placa" legislation:

  • Bogotá

  • Medellín

  • Cali

  • Bucaramanga

  • Armenia

  • Pasto

  • Barranquilla

  • Cartagena

  • Manizales

  • Pereira

  • Cúcuta

What is "Pico y Placa Solidario"?

"Pico y Placa Solidario" is a special permit offered by the city of Bogotá, which allows vehicles to circulate without restrictions upon payment of a daily, semi-annual, or annual fee. This fee is determined based on the individual characteristics of the vehicle, its environmental impact, and the desired duration of use.

The values ​​are reviewed annually by the Bogotá Traffic Secretariat, varying according to the type of vehicle.

If you are interested in acquiring "Pico y Placa Solidario," check with the responsible rental agency for the possibility.


  • Rental agencies cannot guarantee specific license plates for available cars, regardless of rotation restrictions in force;

  • Failure to comply with "Pico y Placa" rules during the rental period may result in fines, which are determined by the country's public authorities;

  • In case of fines or traffic violations, it is important to note that the responsibility for the incurred amounts lies with the renter, not the rental agency;

  • Visit the website to verify the current validity of "Pico y Placa" in the destination city.

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