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What is and how to use a discount code?
What is and how to use a discount code?
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Discount codes are promotional vouchers that, when applied at the payment stage, help reduce the fare amount. They are valid only for online payments.

If you have a discount code, when making your reservation, apply the code in the payment page area. If the code is valid, the reservation amount will be automatically updated before you proceed with the payment.

How to obtain a discount code from Rentcars?

There are several ways to obtain a discount code. The primary method is through our promotions page. Also, stay tuned to our newsletter, where we frequently share tips about our promotional campaigns.

You can also receive a discount through a friend's referral with the Refer and Earn program.

It's important to note that code discounts do not stack with cashback offers or other available promotions.

Important considerations:

  1. Specific regulations: Each code has specific regulations; therefore, it's crucial to observe and follow the stipulated rules. Additionally, some rental agencies may not accept discount codes;

  2. Cancellation and reapplication: If a code is applied and the reservation is canceled, the same code cannot be used for a new quote.

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